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Welcome to, your online catalog of artists, songs, lyrics and tabulature. We specialise in providing lyrics and chords / tabs for maldivian (dhivehi) music. This is a community driven website, where all the contend is user-contributed. This short guide should help you get started.


Users are required to register an account before they can begin contributing content. You do NOT need to register to view them. If you want to use Facebook or Gmail to sign in,you can simply go to the sign-in page and click the relevant buttons.

A registered user will be allowed to post songs,artists, lyrics, chords and so on, and maintain a colelction of the same in their "home" page.

Posting Lyrics & Tabs

before you post a lyric or tab, you must first find the artist & song that you are posting the lyrics/tabs to. You can do this by searching in the main page, or browsing through the collection of artists. All tabs/lyrics are required to be associated with an existing artist or song.

If you can't find the artist and song you need, you can create them, and then proceed as normal.

users can edit and update their own contributions at any time.

posting cover songs

When posting lyrics and/or tabs for cover versions, please post them under the covering artists name, and mention that it is a cover of the original song in the description. Artists will need to meet a general standard of recognizability. At the very least, the cover version must stand out on its own.

Posting Artists / Songs

before creating an artist or song, please make sure that the artist doesn't already exist in our system. This will help prevent duplicate entries. Please follow the standard latinization practices when posting names.

Once an artist or song is created, it CANNOT be deleted. It can, however, be edited by ALL users who have verified their email addresses.


overall the process to post a tab is as follows;

  1. Register or Sign in
  2. Find the Artist and Song you want to post to
    • If you can't find the artist/song, create them.
  3. Add tab/lyric to the song in question.

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