last updated: Dec. 4, 2013 /   permalink is a community website, built by a couple of bored guys who just happens to love music. It is not a commercial endeavour, just a hobby project born out of love for Maldivian music (and also, necessity and frustration)


The primary developers are @kudanai & @nashrafeeg


we built this, mostly we saw that no other service existed to provide a reasonably logical cataloging system for maldivian lyrics/chords. So we figured, why not?

are you guys profiting off our content?

currently, nope. It is definitely not the primary intention of setting up this website. We're mostly doing this for fun…and we're actually losing money (but gaining karma, hopefully), by hosting this stuff for you.


If you would like to help us with server costs, and our time (we are professionals after-all, with jobs and whatnot), please consider advertising your business.

We will provide you with monthly metrics of how many users we have, and daily page-views and unique visitors.

If you're interested, please contact us either via email or (if there is one), using the "contact us" page.

for now, email us here: contact

what's that about hamsters?

it's an inside joke. Don't worry about it.

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